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Sermorelin Glycine

Sermorelin is a compound that stimulates the pituitary gland to increase the bodies naturally production of growth hormone resulting in improved body composition and increased lean muscle mass.  Glycine helps with improved sleep, decreased day time fatigue, improved mental clarity and skin elasticity.

Sermorelin glycine is a once nightly injection given subcutaneously with an insulin needle.  As with hormone therapy, growth hormone takes time to achieve optimal results in the body.  Because of this, we recommend using sermorelin for a minimum of 90 days to feel the full benefits and experience the best results.

Health benefits over time

GH Benefits.png

week 1

of sleep

week 2

from workouts

week 4


week 6


week 8


A common side effect with sermorelin glycine is increased appetite.  This can be viewed as positive side effect for men who are trying to improve body composition through increased muscle mass.

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