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Ryan, MS

Since 2010, Ryan has dedicated his life to improving the physical health of both men and women through the implementation of nutrition, exercise and lifestyle modification.  After seeing the major health issues that arise in populations through his work as an EMT he began working with individuals in medical weight loss and hormone optimization in 2016.  Ryan completed his Masters degree in Applied Exercise Science at Concordia University of Chicago in 2017.  His unique experience, perspective and education has given Ryan the ability to successfully treat and support men in their weight loss and hormone optimization journey.  Ryan has completed specialized training in the age related treatment of hormone imbalance in men.  

Ryan’s parents made exercise and healthy eating a priority for as long as he can remember and these traits have been instilled into him.  In 2010, as a senior in college, Ryan began working as a trainer to share his knowledge and passion for health with others.  He sought out people in the fitness industry who used protocols that were backed by science and data to ensure his clients were seeing tangible improvements in their health.  This eventually lead Ryan to obtaining his Masters of Science degree where he studied exercise programming, nutrition and human biology.  Ryan worked as an EMT and saw the result of people not taking care of themselves.  In 2016, Ryan was introduced to an entirely new population of individuals when he began working with patients in medical weight loss and hormone optimization.  He has helped men find success after years of unsuccessful weight loss efforts.  Ryan has seen men completely turn their life around achieving hormone optimization.  Working with people committing to bettering themselves regardless of their current state is Ryan’s love language.
Ryan believes in treating the patient as a human, as opposed to a paper full of numbers.  He works with every patient to come up with a plan that is manageable, successful and something they are excited about.  

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