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Vitamin Injections

Our bodies need a wide range of vitamins and amino acids in order to function at its best.  Many of these come from a healthy diet but most Americans find themselves deficient in a majority of them largely due to eating processed, or genetically modified foods.  As opposed to oral supplementation, injections give a highly concentrated dose of vitamins directly into the blood stream resulting in a high absorption rate.  We have found weight loss efforts, mood and general well-being significantly improved through weekly B12, Alpha Lipoic Acid or MIC lipotropic injections. 


Vitamin B12 is critical in the production of energy and metabolizing of food.  B12 deficiency can result in low energy levels, slow metabolism, fatigue and brain fog.

MIC + B12
MIC + B12 injections contain vitamins and amino acids that aid the body in the utilization of fat to be used for energy.  Methionine is an essential amino acid that triggers the metabolic process which burns excess fat to be used for energy.  Inositol cleanses the liver allowing for a highly functioning metabolism and break down for fat cells.  Choline, when combined with b-vitamins, creates a chemical reaction that destroys excess fat stores.

Alpha Lipoic Acid
ALA is a naturally occurring compound made in the body.  Studies have shown that ALA supplementation enhances your ability to break down carbohydrates to be used for energy.  Adequate levels in your body convert glucose into fuel to be used for energy, fight inflammation, slow down the aging process, fight disease, improve skin quality and restore essential vitamin levels in the body.

MIC + Double B12
This injection contains the same ingredients as the MIC + B12 injection with the added benefit of a double dose of B12 resulting in the fat burning benefits of the MIC and the maximum energy benefits of Vitamin B12.

MIC + Double B12 + ALA
A combination of all of our injections in a megadose of vitamins and amino acids resulting in increased energy levels and a jumpstart to the metabolization of fat stores.

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