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Welcome to Vitalogy Him

Vitalogy Him exists to improve the lives of men through personalized health and wellness programs.  We believe that men are at their best when they have optimal physical, sexual, emotional and mental health.  We are dedicated to providing our patients with the motivation, education and support needed to achieve their highest potential.

Our Process

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During the initial consultation we will obtain a full health history, vitals and draw blood for a comprehensive blood panel.  We will discuss patient history, lifestyle, symptoms and goals of treatment.

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A follow-up consultation will take place with one of our providers to review the blood work and customize a treatment plan based on the initial consultation, patient feedback and blood panel results.

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Whether your program revolves around hormone optimization, weight loss, SEXUAL HEALTH or a combination of all the above it's time to get to work.  Follow-up frequency will vary based on the program chosen.

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All of our programs are built around accountability and partnering with patients ensure progress is being made.  Through frequent tracking and communication we will micromanage and modify programs to ensure that our goal of health optimization is being achieved.  

Denver's Premier Men's Clinic

At Vitalogy Him we, are committed to delivering results.  Our job is not done until the health, wellness or performance goals of our patient has been achieved.  We promise to design a unique treatment plan specifically for every man that walks into our clinic based on years of experience, DNA-based lab testing and patient specific goals.

We are experts in all areas of men's health including weight loss, hormone replacement therapy, erectile dysfunction, sexual health and more.  Our protocols and treatment plans are backed by scientific studies and have proven to be effective for thousands of men in the Denver area since 2008.  Vitalogy Him is a locally owned and operated clinic dedicated to giving men's health the attention and care it deserves.

contact us

90 Madison Street
Suite 101
Denver, CO 80206


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